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Since its inception in 2015, Oke Poke has remained steadfast in its commitment to serving the freshest ingredients while embracing the spirit of Hawaiian culture. Inspired by a passion for fresh fish, produce, and a healthy lifestyle, we've embarked on a mission to introduce the mainland to the exquisite flavors of poke – a classic Hawaiian dish comprising diced, raw fish and creative mix-ins.

The heart and soul of Oke Poke lies in its ability to blend tradition with innovation, resulting in a menu that caters to both the purists and the adventurous foodies. Each bowl tells a story, a narrative of flavors that harmoniously dance on the palate. The "build-your-own" poke bowls and pokerritos are a canvas for culinary creativity, where fresh and ethically sourced produce and fish come together with a spectrum of house-made sauces. Oke Poke now invites passionate entrepreneurs to join them on their mission to spread the joy of fresh and flavorful poke bowls while upholding their values of sustainability and excellence.


The poke market is set to grow by $1.2 billion during 2020-2024, at a CAGR of 14%. Don't miss out on this golden opportunity to open your own award-winning, fast casual poke restaurant.



$2+ million

Our flagship achieves over $2,000,000 in gross annual sales (2022, 2023)

Initial Investment

The initial franchise fee is 


The total estimated investment range is

$273,900 - $752,800

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Site Selection

We work directly with you and local commercial real estate brokers to identify prime locations, as well as advise you on lease negotiations, contractors and equipment vendors.

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Join the Oke Poke Family and be part of our culinary legacy that began in 2015, rooted in fresh ingredients, healthy living, and a passion for Hawaiian culture. From our innovative "build-your-own" poke bowls to our modern take on traditional pokerittos, we deliver an exceptional dining experience with ethically sourced produce, fresh fish, and a variety of house-made sauces. Guided by a commitment to customer satisfaction, Oke Poke offers a proven blueprint for success, demonstrated by record sales, awards, and a dedicated following under the leadership of Nate and Anna Olaes. As we expand nationwide, seize the opportunity to embrace the flourishing poke bowl trend, partnering with us to create a vibrant community centered on flavorful, sustainable cuisine. Experience the pride of owning an Oke Poke franchise, where tradition, innovation, and a shared passion for exceptional food converge.


Oke Poke, founded in 2015 in Chino Hills, California, encapsulates a love for fresh ingredients, Hawaiian culture, and a health-conscious lifestyle. Inspired by the timeless Hawaiian dish, poke, our innovative approach combines diced raw fish, mix-ins, and an array of house-made sauces, echoing the essence of "to slice or cut." Under Nate and Anna's guidance, Oke Poke blossomed into a hub of culinary excellence, marked by record sales and loyal patrons. Now, with a refreshed brand and unwavering commitment, we invite you to embrace a flavorful journey that bridges cultures, satisfies palates, and brings communities together.


Our commitment to high-quality ingredients and exceptional customer experiences is unwavering. It's a commitment that has brought us to this point and will continue to guide us as we expand to new cities and communities. To all the aspiring entrepreneurs out there, if you're seeking a business opportunity that combines culinary excellence, customer satisfaction, and a proven track record of success, Oke Poke is the answer. An Oke Poke franchise will require a small investment between $273,900 to $752,800. This will include an initial franchise fee of $35,000. Your initial investment will cover many of the essential expenses associated with opening an Oke Poke franchise location, such as furniture and fixtures, the initial inventory, and the grand opening.


Our training program is designed to empower franchisees with the knowledge and skills needed to run a thriving Oke Poke location. The journey begins with 20 hours of focused classroom training, where franchisees will delve into the intricacies of our menu, customer service protocols, and operational best practices. Building upon this foundation, our franchisees will then embark on 80 hours of immersive on-the-job training, where they will have hands-on experience in every aspect of Oke Poke operations, from food preparation to customer interaction. With this comprehensive training, franchisees will be well-equipped to deliver the same exceptional experience and flavorful offerings that Oke Poke is renowned for, ensuring a seamless and successful launch and ongoing operation of their franchise.

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